What type of events can we do?
There are a variety of different types of promotional sale events. Examples include: Restructuring, Store Closing, Inventory Reduction, Warehouse Special Events, Retirement, Cash Raising, Liquidations, Going Out of Business, Bankruptcy. After we meet and discuss the needs of YOUR business, we can then decide together what type of event you are most comfortable with, and which is most likely to yield the results you are seeking.


How much business should we expect to do?
With proper planning and execution, the typical sale can generate approximately 4x your average sales volume…importantly, at a greater profit margin.


How long will the event be?
The average is 10-12 weeks, but can be as short as 30 days…pending your goals.


How and when do I prepare my store?
You don’t! We come in approximately 2 weeks before the sale begins and put all of the systems in place. From re-tagging merchandise to re-setting the floor, from designing and placing signage to building and training sales teams…we are here to handle all preparations.


How do we get the word out?
We prepare a full marketing/advertising plan to meet our event objectives based on the unique characteristics of your market. Here is where the biggest change has occurred in today’s market! It takes a creative cumulative campaign based on your customer and demographics.


How do I (and my staff) fit in during the event?
This is probably where you and your staff have the most anxiety. We understand that this is YOUR business and we treat that with the utmost respect. We bring in professional people who go above and beyond to make sure that everyone is comfortable. Our priority is to ensure that your entire staff and our people join forces to make the event a HUGE success! We become a TEAM. As the owner(s), you take on a crucial role, whether you are physically in the store or not. There have been many owners who have been very happy to take a step back and let us do our thing—either way works. Just know that your business is in good hands!


What happens to my business after the sale is over?
Following a successful promotional event, traffic will have increased…your business will have been recharged. Most importantly, sales and profit margins will have been given a jolt of positive momentum. Once your initial goals have been met (or likely exceeded), you will have a better understanding of what the best options for the future direction your business may be.


Why should we use UIS and not another promotional company – or even do this ourselves for that matter?
Excellent question!! When you meet with UIS to discuss the details of your event, you are also meeting with the people who will actually be RUNNING your event– EVERY STEP OF THE WAY. Our commitment to you is personal. This is where we differ from the rest. As for doing this yourself…as you know, promotional sales are very different than traditional retail. It takes different advertising, different sales techniques, different closing techniques, and this is what we specialize in. When you hire UIS, you get personalized service, professionalism, and GREAT RESULTS. You get the ULTIMATE PACKAGE!